our story

Branex Group is headquartered in Auburn Hills, MI and is a certified Women’s owned business through the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC).  We have a leadership team with over 30 years of experience and a proven track record of growth within the staffing industry.  Branex Group was founded to fill the void that regional and national companies have due to a large client base, ultimately resulting in a limited talent pool. Ironically in the staffing industry, the longer that you have been in business and the more clients that you have, the fewer companies you are able to recruit candidates from due to contractual obligations. Because of an unemployment rate at nearly 0% in the technical field this has created an obstacle for some of the most successful staffing companies and hurt the hiring goals of clients that engage them.  


We have heard from both past and future customers and the message has been consistent…”we are not receiving qualified candidates.”  As our Founder Katie Ackert heard these messages she realized the opportunity to start her own company to meet the challenges currently being faced in the industry.  Branex Group is in the unique spot to leverage its experience as it strategically aligns with customers who are looking for a partner to get the upper hand in the competitive business of technical recruiting.


So why the name Branex Group?  The Founders wanted to connect family and leading by example with running a business by the same standards.  They realized there was no better way to recognize this than incorporating the Ackert’s son Brantlee and Jeff Gardner’s (Co-Founder) son Alex into the company name.  This will be just one reminder why Branex Group was formed and the expectations that our associates and customers can expect in the years to come.